Trusted and talented developers for your team

We’re your trusted development partner. We help you scale fast with high performing and talented developers who join your in-house team, working remotely from our headquarters.

What makes for great development?
Talent is only half the story.

Our proven approach

Your Whizzystack developers join your team, working remotely from India. Your developers participate in your daily scrum meetings and work alongside you just like in-house team members.

Our proven experience

We know what it takes for development teams to succeed from following strict agile development processes to setting up the right workflows, communication channels and development tools

Our proven skills

We’re trusted experts with experience building advanced applications in the specific technology that you need, including Java, Ruby, PHP, iOS/Android, React.js, AWS, Python,, Salesforce and more.

How we make every client relationship a success

We’re your dedicated teammates, an extension of your in-house team

Dedicated teammates

Your Whizzystack developers work directly with you, just as your in-house team would. They get to know your business, needs and they buy into your big goals.

You’re in control

Your Whizzystack developers are fully under your control but without the unnecessary administration hassles and overhead costs.

Oversight & administration

Whizzystack's leaders  are your close partners, helping to oversee your developers and taking care of all administration issues.

Our Knowledge is your Power

Your Developers

Trusted Developers ready to join your team

We support all backend technologies

We are specialist in frontend technologies

Launching a new app let's do it

We've done it from basic to advanced AWS infrastructure

We are expert in .net framework core

We work together with you day by day, sprint by sprint.

Full collaboration with your in-house team

Your Whizzystack developers participate in all of your development sprint meetings from daily standups to planning sessions & pair programming.

We adapt to your time zone and schedule

Your Whizzystack developers adapt to your working hours to ensure productive cross-over working time.

What our client's say about us

“Whizzystack worked on a unique dashboard and made the app load over 8 times faster while adding new features and making it more responsive to users.”

Abraham Meggi, IT Engineering Team Dream Home Financial

“Whizzystack's creativity and competence helped us improve the frontend architecture and contributed critical parts of the final coding. JavaScriptMVC made the foundation of the biggest JavaScript codebase we ever built.”

Adqriq Aulke Adrina LLC

“Whizzystack's ability to iterate designs almost daily gave us a solid picture of the app early on and allowed us move very quickly on the development.”   — Basit Kanwar Azureperfect

“Whizzystack’s JavaScriptMVC framework and expert development resources contributed to the successful implementation and deployment of Brainjet Connect, our robust, cloud-based, work collaboration system.”

Eric Eligonda, Sr Director of Software Engineering Brainjet

Our  Client benifited with our knowledge

User Experience

Product DIscovery Phase

UX Research

Design Systems

Interface Design

Business Requirements

Prototype Testing

Web Application Delivery

UI Pattern Libraries

Responsive Web Design

Angular Consulting

Reactive Consulting

Advanced HTML & CSS

Component Driven Architecture

Single Page Applications

Performance Review

We follow a proven process and avoid costly shortcuts. As a result, our apps cost less over the long-term.

You can get our project checklists to see for yourself.

We don't have Call Centers.

Our Leadership will discuss your need

Tell us about your Business Requirement. We will change it to  quality Software

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We are User Experience Consultant, Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist and expert in digital transformation. We help savvy marketers, product owners and UX advocates make the case that a useable, accessible and people-first experience is the best path to business success. All the while pursuing his not-so-hidden agenda. We also build & support your own talented, trusted, full-time development team hosted out of Whizzystack’s headquarters in India. We also deliver world class product and software development services Read more

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