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The Role of AI in Software Testing

How Can AI Revolutionize Quality Assurance

Switching software is an automated process which can be optimise by implementation of Artificial Intelligence. AI helps the corporate to provide report on code quality and helps the organisation to grow.

How AI can help to overcome test automation bottlenecks

1. Automating writing test cases

AI improve the test case of automated testing process that can be run fast and easy to control.

2. Automating API test generation

API evaluation allow correlation between different programs like databases, servers, and use various protocols, etc.

3. Self-healing the execution of Selenium tests

Selenium is an automated testing process which may contains some technical issues. Artificial Intelligence helps to repair them.

4. Visual validation automation testing

AI analyse the testing process with some validation program like hardware requirements, operating systems, browsers.

5. Predictive analysis

AI helps to analyse data of customers and users.

AI tools for Automated Testing

Some tools are used for testing automated testing process:

· Eggplant AI: It can predict technical issues

· Appvance: The software analyzes application key

· Applitools: It is visual testing automation tool

· Test.ai : It is a automated structure

· Testsigma: It is a language-processing tool

· Bottom line : This platforms are powered by AI.

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