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Digital Transformation in the Housing Industry

Like all other industries housing industries also experience digital transformation with implementation of new technology.

Construction and Manufacturing for the Housing Industry

Software and digital tools are implemented for tracking order and monitoring the supply. Tablet software and IoT is used for this.

Showing Houses Online Through Virtual Home Tours

Virtual showing can be done by FaceTime, Zoom or other video conferencing technology

Communicating with Realtors Throughout the Buying Process

Buyer and seller communication is important for buying and selling houses. Face to Face meeting may not necessary for this. Digital signature and digitalise payment is the way for the process.

Buying and Selling a House

Online portal keep the customer, buyer, seller and retailer up to date.

Custom Software for Home Remodeling and Decorating

Software and database helps the customer to store pictures and damaged documents. Some owner go far for implementing technology for their housing.

Work with 7T to Craft a Custom Solution

Specific software and service helps the customer to choose their house. 7T develop an approach to solve the problem.

We will be happy to answer your questions on designing, developing, and deploying comprehensive enterprise web, mobile apps and customized software solutions that best fit your organization needs.

As a reputed Software Solutions Developer we have expertise in providing dedicated remote and outsourced technical resources for software services at very nominal cost. Besides experts in full stacks We also build web solutions, mobile apps and work on system integration, performance enhancement, cloud migrations and big data analytics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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