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As a technologist, I see how AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.” – Fei-Fei Li

And, it’s here! The magic technology of the decade, the machine counterpart of human intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its’ rounds in the HR Management sector also. Having a role in talent acquisition and now being integrated with on- boarding, human development, performance reviews and so on, AI is trending as latest technology in this sector. In this article, we shall look at how AI can become an integral part of the Human Resource management, and what shortcomings need to be taken care of for this transition. So, let’s begin with what is AI?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is basically a counterpart of human intelligence in machines. It gives machines the capability to comprehend things just like humans and resemble their actions. Learning and problem solving constitute some other other humanly traits which may be exhibited by AI enabled machines.

The ideal characteristics of AI lies in the increase of efficiency it provides. Being AI enabled allows one to take those actions which provide them the best chance to reach their respective goals.


AI is the latest technology introduced for betterment in human resource management.Merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) into HR functions like on boarding and administration of benefits will improve the employee performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is producing multiple solutions for hiring managers including basic recruiting tools, intermediate application and advanced AI solutions. AI can helps to predict the future success of the candidate with their company.

Artificially intelligent Human resource systems will help in thinking, behaving and predicting the same way as human brain works and lead to an improved efficiency of the whole HR management process.

Let’s first begin our discussion first on the application areas of AI in Human Resource Management and then, its benefits and shortcomings:



Below graphic by oracle shows the use of Artificial Intelligence at HR Departments

The use of AI in HR Management can be broadly classified into these roles-:

  • Acquisition

  • On-boarding

  • Training

  • Performance Analysis

  • Retention

  • Freelancing or on-demand hiring

  • Chatbot

  • HR Analytics

  • Gamification

  • Integration with cloud, mobile-enabled solutions

BENEFITS OF AN AI- ENABLED HR SECTOR: Incorporating AI in Human Resource Management can serve many benefits thereby increasing the efficiency of all processes.

STREAMLINE YOUR HIRING PROCESS: 1. Algorithm-based screening to automatically segment, advance (or decline) applicants. 2. Predictive Analytics to determine performance potential. 3. Automate Admin tasks such as: Coordinating available time off in the schedule, filtering and organizing employee data and reports, or migrating data from vendor system to another. PROTECT THE ORGANIZATION AND EMPLOYEES FROM FALSE ACCUSATIONS: 1. Monitor Employee Compensation for Discrepancies based on protected categories. 2. Documenting performance reviews and employee behavior productivity. 3. Quickly Identify Suspicious Employee Activity a launch accurate and unbiased investigation based on data. IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND RETENTION 1. Find opportunity for improvement and recommend appropriate training for customer support or sales representatives. 2. Identify disengaged employees. Shortcomings that needs to be addressed Despite the AI applications not possessing the emotional and cognitive abilities like humans, there is no doubt that these powerful AI based HR applications can analyze, predict, diagnose and it is a very powerful resource for any kind of organization. But, at the same time, there is another side to the coin too.Everything in excess is dangerous and so is the case with AI. We still are not in the phase to completely rely on machines. No matter how smart a machine becomes, it can never replicate a human.

Incorporating AI in these sectors of industry needs to address some obstacles associated with it!

  • Hard to adapt- Entirely automating can lead to a heavy organizational expenditure. Moreover, its hard to adapt at an organizational level due to technicalities involved and requirement of high-skills.

  • Lack of judgement skills- Machines are rational but very inhuman. They lack in ethics and legality as a result of which, they don’t have their own judgement making skills. This can lead to errors

  • If machines encounter a problem or situation which is not familiar to them the lack of judgement skills in them leads to them performing incorrectly or breaking down in some situations leading to a direct impact on the productivity of an organization.

  • Lack of creativity- AI-enabled machines also lack the creativity possessed by a human being. And there is little scope of improvement in case of machines because they are automated and are already updated with fix technology

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