Corporate Gift-Giving Platform for Employee Recognition

We’re building interactive human resources software solutions to personalize employee rewarding experiences


Business Challenge


Eddy Gift is an innovative provider of team recognition programs used by many corporations worldwide has made it their vision to reinvent the way companies show appreciation to their employees.

Solution Delivered

  • Set up necessary services and workflows, shape and refine requirements with their customers, and implement UI/UX design.

  • Equipped the platform with powerful automation and analytics tools to automatically sends gifts on birthdays, holidays, and work anniversaries

  • Company can collect gift preference data and use it to offer more personalized choice of gifts or get discounts with large e-commerce platforms on the most in-demand products.

  • Conducting a security assessment of the system. 

Customer Advantage

  • Implement staff rewards program to express employees appreciation and make them feel valued in their careers

  • Use Snappy as effective HR software solutions tool to strengthen employee commitment and earn higher retention rates

  • Minimize the time spent on selecting and delivering gifts to a large group of people

  • Run automated gift-giving campaigns for holiday seasons and special occasions

  • Develop a staff engagement strategy that leads to stronger company culture, reduced workplace burnout, and higher employee satisfaction

  • Allow managers to see the instant feedback from their team, using the real-time ‘Thank You’ notes

Key Feature

  • Customize HR software solutions via the integration with leading retailer systems

  • Automate and measure the gifting process to ensure higher retention levels

  • Provide analytics on employee gift preferences with retail software services

Industry : Retail, eCommerce

Headquarters: New York, USA

Market : Global

Team size : 6 members


JavaScript / MongoDB / Node.JS / React.js / Redux

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