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We build & support your own talented, trusted, full-time development team hosted out of Whizzystack’s headquarters in India. We also deliver world class product and software development services Read more


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Who We Are.

Custom software engineering services for global businesses

Founded by a developer who’s seen the Silicon Valley struggle to find talent first-hand — and decided to fix it. Whizzystack keeps a flat, flexible, and transparent structure, which allows us to scale on the client’s demand quickly and still give each of them this personal touch from our C-Level no matter of size.


Big Enough to Scale. Small Enough to Care

Our mission is to enable digital technology for our clients by bringing together top engineering talent, deep industry expertise, and personal dedication in order to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

Whizzystack is a flat, flexible, and transparent organization. This allows us to combine the best of both worlds. On the one hand, we’re a reliable, proven software engineering provider that is able to quickly scale your engineering capacity. On the other hand, we’re flat, quick, and efficient. As a matter of fact, there are just two key contact people on our side – our CEO/Co-Founder for strategic questions and executive supervision, and our Delivery Director for operations.

Since Whizzstack launch, we’ve worked with startups, mid-tier, and enterprise companies. To find out how you could scale your team with top talent, contact us to get the ball rolling.

Facts About Us

"We have really benefited from there knowledge and flexibility. The dedication is apparent in in every step of the way"

Viandra Kruse CTO at Gotoholiday

What our clients say about us

The Whizzystack way

   Whizzystack constantly an environment of its democratic nature and cultural openness that have shaped personal values of its human resource and inspired leadership of many organizations to how to run the business. Our ambition is to build a technology company that positively affects people’s lives and we are making it to happen. The world’s leading technology companies have entrusted Whizystack with the success of their products, which reach 20 million users worldwide.

     We keep our organizational structure flat, avoiding unnecessary layers and associated overhead. Our leadership is known for communicating frequently and directly with both our clients and our employees. Right from day one of your project, our senior leaders will provide executive oversight and will be involved in discussions on strategic topics.